kota nezu:

kotori spiral (2009)

Chandelier within the movement.

This hanging object creates a dynamic scenery through

reflections and refractions. The birds ('kotori's) are

flying up in a spiral with LEDs, and soar on an imaginary

wind into the sky. You can play with the kotoris on your

finger, while they are hanging from the ceiling.

kotori arc (2009)

chandelier on the floor.

This object creates reflections and shadows by an interior

light. The swinging base shows a line of flight, and the

kotoris move their wings following the direction. They can

leave the base and rest on your finger.

kotori (2007)

A bird shaped light that keeps its balance by using the distribution of crystals

suspended from the edge of the spread wing.

A tree stands calmly in a space with several 'kotori's on it.

kotori's are resting and swinging there, as if they are enjoying floating time..

Crystals follow the movement to shine themselves, as if they try to sing with the birds.

*'kotori' means 'little bird' in Japanese

Materials: Steel, Crystal, Electronic Circuit, LED.

jellyfish >>sonic<< (2006)

Jellyfish >>sonic<< is a speaker system containing a light and a thin water tank.

When you plug your audio player such as iPod, ripples are projected onto the floor beneath,

creating a soothing relaxing effect.

Materials: Acrylic, Steel, Aluminum, LED, Water.

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animation (by Studio Takayama):

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cause and effect (2006)

'Cause and Effect' is a gear shaped plate. You can arrange and rotate them just like real gears!

Materials: MDF, Plastic.

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jellyfish (2005)

Jellyfish is a stool containing a light and a thin water tank. When you pat the seat,

ripples are projected onto the floor beneath, giving a feeling of floating on water.

Materials: Glass Fibre, Steel, MDF, Acrylic, LED, Cell Batteries, Water.


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techniques: patting, sitting on, stepping on the floor...

any kind of vibrations work! (maybe goldfishes too...)